Ladies, Listen Up! (A real man’s perspective)

Ladies listen up! I understand the significance of wanting to be love. It’s natural. When God created woman he pulled a rib out of the man to create woman. Adam said “you are bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, and I shall call you woman.” For those who read and understand bible literature, the majority of the bible was written in Hebrew. In the Hebrew, whenever you name something it’s yours. It “belongs” to you. Now when I say belong, I do not mean in a dictator or tyrant type sense. I mean in a way of being responsible and held accountable. On a relationship level the man is responsible for the woman. Okay…hold on! Women, you are not property, and I know you are capable of taking responsibility for yourself. This why I write this message to you. So, when I say “belong,” I am not referring to ownership but relationship; as a husband belongs to his wife or a baby belongs to that parent.

Women are God’s greatest creation to man and should be treated as such. So when Adam called Eve woman, Adam was responsible and held accountable for her spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Also, when God pulled the rib out of Adams chest; it was to show that the woman should be close and dear to his heart. This is why women have this deep desire to be loved by a man. However, most men do not understand they are responsible for loving and taking care of their woman.

Because of a woman’s desire to be loved, many of you will lower your standards to be with a man. I have seen many  women do horrendous things for the attention of a man. Some will allow a man to destroy them just to gain his attention and maintain that relationship no matter how dysfunctional the relationship is. There are some who will allow themselves to be betrayed, disrespected, deceived, manipulated, and in some cases physically abused. Some of you are allowing or have allowed men to dismember your heart and emotions from the inside out. This is unacceptable! No man has the right to treat a woman in such a manner.

There has to be an understanding that value and character is much more than emotions. However, being emotional is a natural and somewhat prominent attribute God gave to women. Women speak and behave from emotions of their heart. Many of you are with deadbeat men, because you gave these men your heart rapped up in your spiritual will and encouraged by your emotions; resulting in the creation of a “soul tie.”

A soul tie is the linking of two souls in the spiritual realm that will bring forth a positive or negative result. There are many of you who have given yourself to “defiled” men. Therefore, you have allowed yourself to be defiled, making it nearly impossible to move on from this relationship. Be careful who you give yourself to. Ladies, like I said earlier, you are emotional and can be stimulated by what you hear. Men have tricks! You really have to be on your guard. Allow discernment to be your guide, and such discernment comes from God.You are too precious and valuable to be treated like garbage.

Love yourself enough to understand you may have to be single for a while until your “true and sincere” man shows up. Have patience in knowing that the right man will come if you stay true to who God made you to be. In the mean time, work on yourself. Be the best you God wants you to be. Work on strengthening yourself  spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Work on the things that will improve you as a human and make relationships enjoyable. Create great habits and develop a character for which a man of God wants by his side. By the way, if the man you are seeking is not a real man of God, you are playing Russian roulette. Eventually, that gun is going to fire off and hurt you. A real man of God will see you and treat you as precious and valuable, because of his relationship with God.

If a man has a “real” relationship with and in God,  he will treat you like the queen God created you to be. He will  love you like God loves you, because God is the meaning of love. Remember there is no love without Him. So, ladies be careful who you date and call your man. Allow God to show the truth about the man that comes your way. Take your time…be patience. You don’t need a man to live miserably. You can be miserable by yourself. Don’t allow someone to bring more misery into your life. Love God, love yourself, love your value; and the Lord will bless!!! I’m a real man, and this is my perspective.

I want to hear your thoughts leave comments.


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